Asphalt Mix Design

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Course Number: V13A_20

This course is presented in a four part series designed to give construction industry and transportation agency personnel a better understanding of the various steps in performing an asphalt mix design to meet specification criteria. Participants will be provided with a brief overview of asphalt mix design history and various design methods used in the past so they will better understand the development of current design procedures. Topics will include aggregate blending, batching of materials, volumetric mix design, mix design analysis, and typical specification parameters.


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:


This course is intended to provide construction engineers, testing personnel, asphalt inspectors, and general industry personnel with an understanding of the steps and testing associated with the development of an asphalt mix design. 

Mr. Don Watson

Course Length: 3 Hours, ( 0. 3CEUs or 3PDHs or 3CPCs )

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