Yang to talk on surface thermodynamics, nanotechnology and energy

Published: Feb 18, 2013 4:00:00 PM

arthur yang

Arthur Jing-Min Yang, president of the Industrial Science and Technology Network Inc., will discuss challenges to developing nanotechnology and applications of surface thermodynamics to analyze molecular interactions on Wednesday, Feb. 20, at 3 p.m. in 136 Ross Hall, the McMillan Auditorium. His lecture is hosted by Auburn University’s Department of Chemical Engineering.

Yang’s career spans three decades of experience as a professor, industrial researcher and entrepreneurial business leader. During the past 15 years, he has been the business and technology leader of Industrial Science and Technology Network Inc. while serving as an adjunct professor in chemical engineering at the University of Maryland. His passion for energy efficiency and extensive experience in new energy technologies have led to advancements in nanopore super thermal insulation material; material nanotechnologies that enhance light transmission, generation and conversion; nanopore enhanced enzyme catalysis of biological reactions; nanopore reactive adsorbents that accomplish high-efficiency separations and purifications; and integrated strategies of using green biodegradable polymers and their degradation for energy production.