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kangli wang edayDo you enjoy experimenting with chemistry, but you,also, understand modern electronics? Are you interested in the textile industry, but you are fascinated by the mechanical aspects of engineering? Do you find yourself interested in thermodynamics, electromagnetism, x-rays, ceramics or polymers?

Choosing a discipline of engineering to study can be a difficult process. Materials engineering is instructed in a variety of multidisciplinary studies, including chemistry, mechanics, textiles, electronics and more! The engineer applies working knowledge in designing, fabricating and developing solutions across a wide spectrum of industries: aerospace, transportation, electronics, energy production systems, fuel systems, biomedical systems, automobile manufacturing, military technology, and much more. Because materials-related challenges exist in virtually every technological field. A Materials engineers are in demand, and Auburn graduates are well equipped to adapt to changes in the job market. This flexibility, also, allows materials engineers to collaborate and explore opportunities in virtually limitless related research fields.

If you are a high school student or college transfer student preparing to enroll at Auburn University, we encourage you to visit our department and laboratories. Campus visits can be helpful in making the difficult decision of your college major. To schedule a visit to our department please contact the department office at (334) 844-4822. We would love to guide you in the steps to becoming an Auburn engineer! Are you ready to engineer a solution to any challenge? Apply today!

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Last Updated: Aug 18, 2017