Samuel Ginn College of Engineering

Unrestricted giving


A key to any successful endeavor is the ability to anticipate the unexpected – to plan for those opportunities that arise without notice. Private support that is not designated for a specific purpose, also known as unrestricted funding, is critical to the success and future of Auburn Engineering. 

These gifts provide financial resources that enable the college to plan for the unexpected, to take advantage of emerging academic opportunities and to weather unexpected changes in federal and state support in order to ensure excellence in our instructional and research programs.

Undesignated gifts, which may be used at the discretion of the dean, are a vital link to exploring avenues that uphold and strengthen the college’s vision. Your investment in this area will assist the college in pursuing opportunities that make its programs competitive with prestigious institutions nationwide.

A donor may create a named, unrestricted endowment that will provide a perpetual source of funds to meet urgent needs as they arise, or give unrestricted funds in the form of annual payments.