Samuel Ginn College of Engineering

Parents' Association


Students are not the only ones who make a transition to college life - their parents often do as well. They also need support, information and resources to help with this adjustment. The college's Parents' Association is designed to provide parents with information and resources that enable them to assist their student and better understand their child’s education at Auburn. It also offers a supportive environment in which parents can engage with other parents, as well as opportunities to partner with the college during their student's time at Auburn.

We invite you to partner with us in support of your student by joining the Parents’ Association and taking advantage of the opportunities we offer. We are committed to providing your student the finest engineering education; and providing you support during this journey as well.

Parents' Association Mission To welcome and engage parents of engineering students, while providing opportunities to participate in and support Auburn Engineering during their child's college experience.

Benefits of Membership

  • Opportunities to network with other parents, as well as engineering faculty and staff
  • Annual Parents' Association football tailgate
  • Invitations to College of Engineering events in your area
  • Interaction with the college's parent liaison
  • Auburn Engineering e-newsletter

Parents' Leadership Council

The Parents' Leadership Council (PLC) is a critical component of the Parents’ Association and is the foundation of the college’s parent giving program. It is invaluable to the college's efforts to engage parents and help create and foster the Auburn Engineering family. All of our students benefit from the work and generosity of this extraordinary group of parents. Members of the PLC:

  • Assist the Parents' Association and the College of Engineering through their participation and attendance at least one Parent's Leadership Council meeting on campus each year
  • Support Auburn Engineering through a financial gift of $1,000 or more annually, or through an endowment level gift of $25,000 over five years for an area of interest to you
  • Recommend new members to the PLC and encourage parents to give to the college
  • Share the college's vision to become one of the nation's top engineering programs with people both inside and outside the Auburn family including other parents, prospective students and friends
  • Provide insight to parents of new engineering students and share their personal experiences as an Auburn Engineering parent
  • Host or attend gatherings of Auburn Engineering parents in their local area, and contact parents to encourage membership and giving to the college
  • Recruit new engineering families into the Engineering Parents' Association

Auburn Engineering is deeply committed to your student’s personal and academic success. We are eager to partner with you as your child embarks on the exciting journey of becoming an Auburn engineer.

To learn more about the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering’s Parents’ Association contact Beth Adams at 334-844-9130

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