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Selected Publications

Christopher B. Harris, and Iris Bahar, “Towards the Simulation Based Design and Validation of Mobile Robotic Cyber-physical Systems,” in Journal of Low Power Electronics, vol. 14, no. 1, March 2018. (in press)

Christopher B. Harris, and Iris Bahar, “A Research Tool for the Power and Performance Analysis of Sensor-Based Mobile Robots,” in First New Generation of Circuits and Systems Conference (NGCAS), September 2017.

Onur Ulusel, Christopher Picardo, Christopher B. Harris, Sherief Reda, and Iris Bahar, “Hardware Acceleration of Feature Detection and Description Algorithms on Low-Power Embedded Platforms,” in 2016 26th International Conference on Field Programmable Logic and Applications (FPL), August 2016.

Zonglin Guo, Ian G. Harris, Christopher B. Harris, and Lih-feng Tsaur, “A Residual Battery-Aware Routing Algorithm Based on DSR for BLE Sensor Networks,” in Wireless Telecommunications Symposium (WTS), April 2016.

Christopher B. Harris and Ian G. Harris, “GLAsT: Learning Formal Grammars to Translate Natural Language Specifications into Hardware Assertions,” in Design, Automation & Test in Europe Conference Exhibition (DATE), March 2016. (Acceptance Rate = 24%)

Christopher B. Harris and Ian G. Harris, “Generating formal hardware verification properties from natural language documentation,” in Semantic Computing (ICSC), 2015 IEEE International Conference on, February 2015. (Acceptance Rate = 27%)

Mathias Soeken, Christopher B. Harris, Ian G. Harris, Nabila Abdessaied, and Rolf Drechsler, “Automating the translation of assertions using natural language processing techniques,” in Specification and Design Languages (FDL), 2014 Forum on, October 2014.

Last Updated: Jan 26, 2018