Electrical and Computer Engineering Faculty

Mark Nelms
Department Chair
Mark Nelms

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering offers students professional opportunities ranging from working on designs for the latest technological breakthroughs to communications systems powered for the world. With our dynamic and talented faculty, students achieve the highest-caliber education with an avenue of career prospects upon graduation. Our department also has a strong graduate program with one-on-one research opportunities with our faculty. With more than 500 undergraduate and close to 150 graduate students, we house one of the largest departments within the college which attests to our growing reputation as a premier program. Electrical and computer engineering is rapidly growing in popularity and we have the ability to prepare students to compete among the best in the world. 

Daniel Geiger

Daniel Geiger - Instructor



  161 Broun Hall

Xiaowen Gong

Xiaowen Gong - Assistant Professor


  (334) 844-1851

  217 Broun Hall


Wireless networking Mobile computing

Mark Halpin

Mark Halpin - Alabama Power Company Distinguished Professor


  (334) 844-1824

  414 Broun Hall

Power systems Power quality Modeling and simulation

John Hung

John Hung - Graduate Program Officer


  (334) 844-1813

  227 Broun Hall


Control systems Industrial electronics Robotics

Yihan Li

Yihan Li - Visiting Assistant Professor


  (334) 844-7402

  262 Broun Hall

Scheduling in wired and wireless network Wireless ad hoc networks High-speed packet switching

Mark Nelms

Mark Nelms - Department Chair


  (334) 844-1830

  210 Broun Hall


Power electronics Power system Energy conversion

Lloyd Riggs

Lloyd Riggs - Professor


  (334) 844-1866

  225 Broun Hall


Stuart Wentworth

Stuart Wentworth - Associate Professor


  (334) 844-1878

  305 Broun Hall


Electromagnetics education Microwave devices High frequency materials characterization

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