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Co-op Program

Students outside plantThe cooperative education program (co-op) is designed to give students the opportunity to obtain real engineering work experience before graduation. The co-op program is optional for engineering students although highly recommended. It offers students the opportunity to alternate semesters of full-time study and work related to the student's major. 

Co-op's have proven to be an invaluable learning experience since students are exposed to the everyday challenges and solutions an employee faces in the field, all while getting paid. The employer is also able to establish a connection with the student and train and guide them in their company.

Students who choose to complete the co-op program has become more well-rounded by working with a team of professionals, gaining knowledge they could not acquire in the classroom, and networking with people within the field prior to graduation. Many seniors receive permanent job offers from the same companies that hired them as co-ops or interns.

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