Samuel Ginn College of Engineering


Minors are granted to those who complete between 15-17 hours of course credit outside of a student's declared major. A minor is a good way to couple a slightly different focus in a related field with a student's chosen major.   

Automotive Engineering and Manufacturing minor
Students may choose to pursue a minor in automotive engineering and manufacturing either through the Department of Mechanical Engineering or the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering . To earn this minor, students must take a 15-credit hour set of courses completed their junior and senior years.
Business-Engineering-Technology (BET) minor
This minor is designed to enhance all majors offered in the Colleges of Business and College of Engineering. A typical BET class may have up to 15 different majors.
Computer Science minor
The computer science minor provides a basic background in computer science theory and practice, including programming in a high-level language, algorithms, and data structures.
Information Technology minor
The information technology minor provides classes with Java programming, script programming, object-oriented programming, and system administration. Fifteen semester hours of COMP courses are required to complete the minor. 
Materials Engineering minor
This minor includes 15 hours of required materials engineering-related courses and is geared toward students with more of an interest toward the engineering side of materials. 
Materials Science minor
The materials science minor is designed to appeal to students who are interested more in the science aspect of materials and requires 15 credit hours. 
Nuclear Power Generation Systems minor
This minor includes 16-credit hours to prepare students careers specializing in the operation, support and service of America’s nuclear power generation industry.
Tribology and Lubrication Science minor
This 15-hour multidisciplinary minor prepares students from various engineering and science majors for careers that require a background in friction, wear and lubrication (tribology).
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