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Student Transient Procedure

If you are choosing to take courses at another institution and want to apply those credit hours toward your degree at Auburn, simply follow the transient procedure using Tigeri and fill out the online form.

If you plan to take a course at another institution that you would like to be credited toward your degree, you must fill out a transient form online:

  1. Go to student Tigeri.
  2. Click Student Main Menu.
  3. Click Transient enrollment for Auburn students at other institutions.
  4. Read the guidelines thoroughly and accept the terms.
  5. Choose a term and click Select.
  6. Choose the state in which you plan to study and click Select.
  7. Choose an institution and click Select.
  8. Choose the courses you wish to take and click Search.
  9. Once you have put in all of your desired courses, click Proceed to transient form to print out your form.
  10. Mail or hand deliver the form to the institution you plan to attend.
  11. Important! Remember to have your transcript from the transient institution sent back to Auburn University upon your completion of the course. Proper credit cannot be awarded without an official transcript. This could affect your ability to register for certain classes, and to maintain registration in others.
  12. Go to your academic advisor if you cannot find your institution or courses as options.