Samuel Ginn College of Engineering Directory

Hari Narayanan
Department Chair
Hari Narayanan

Auburn University’s Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering is on an upward trajectory in terms of enrollment, research and reputation. Enrollment for fall 2016 is 765 undergraduate and 142 graduate students. Our faculty continue to be highly productive in research, working in the areas of artificial intelligence, computer architecture, computer science education, database systems, energy-efficient systems, high performance computing, human-computer interaction, internet of things, learning science, machine learning, modeling and simulation, multi-agent systems, networks, security, software engineering, software visualization and wireless engineering. Faculty received new research grants totaling over 1.7 million dollars in fall 2016. Our graduates are widely welcomed by industry and graduate schools across the nation. In the past academic year, the average starting salary for the graduates of our Bachelor’s programs was $74,500. Best of all, we are expanding! Three new faculty joined us in fall 2016, and we are seeking to hire several more in fall 2017.

Myoung An

Myoung An - Associate Research Professor

  (617) 590-6943

  3101 Shelby Center


Sanjeev Baskiyar

Sanjeev Baskiyar - Associate Professor

  (334) 844-6306

  3127C Shelby Center

Saad Biaz

Saad Biaz - Professor

  (334) 844-6307

  3101Q Shelby Center

Homer Carlisle

Homer Carlisle - Professor Emeritus

  (334) 844-6308

  3101T Shelby Center

Kai Chang

Kai Chang - Professor

  (334) 844-6310

  3127F Shelby Center


Richard Chapman

Richard Chapman - Associate Professor, Director, CSSE Online Undergraduate Program; Director, Wireless Engineering Undergraduate Program; Associate Director, Wireless Engineering Research & Education Center

  (334) 844-6314

  3127G Shelby Center

James Cross

James Cross - Professor

  (334) 844-6315

  3127D Shelby Center


Dean Hendrix

Dean Hendrix - Associate Professor, Director, CSSE Undergraduate Programs

  (334) 844-6305

  3127B Shelby Center


Jacqueline Hundley

Jacqueline Hundley - Senior Lecturer

  (334) 844-6337

  3101F Shelby Center


Wei-Shinn (Jeff)  Ku

Wei-Shinn (Jeff) Ku - Associate Professor

  (334) 844-6341

  3108 Shelby Center

Alvin Lim

Alvin Lim - Professor

  (334) 844-6326

  3110 Shelby Center

Bo Liu

Bo Liu - Assistant Professor

   (334) 844-6348

  3101P Shelby Center

Daniela Marghitu

Daniela Marghitu - Comp 1000 Coordinator

  (334) 844-6386

  3118 Shelby Center


Hari Narayanan

Hari Narayanan - John H. and Gail Watson Professor

  (334) 844-6312

  3101 Shelby Center

Xiao Qin

Xiao Qin - Professor, Director, CSSE Graduate Programs

  (334) 844-6327

  3101F Shelby Center


Rodrigo Sardinas

Rodrigo Sardinas - Lecturer

  (334) 844-6320

  3127H Shelby Center

Cheryl Seals

Cheryl Seals - Associate Professor

  (334) 844-6319

  3101M Shelby Center


Tao Shu

Tao Shu - Assistant Professor

   (334) 844-5170

  3101K Shelby Center

Anthony Skjellum

Anthony Skjellum - Charles D. McCrary Eminent Scholar Endowed Chair Professor; Director, Charles D. McCrary Institute; Director, Auburn Cyber Research Center; Lead Cyber Scientist for Auburn University

  (334) 844-6360

  3101D Shelby Center

Jakita Thomas

Jakita Thomas - Philpott-WestPoint Stevens Associate Professor

  (334) 844-6498

  3101G Shelby Center

David Umphress

David Umphress - COLSA Corporation Cyber Security and Information Assurance Professor

  (334) 844-6335

  3127E Shelby Center

Levent Yilmaz

Levent Yilmaz - Professor

  (334) 844-6343

  3116 Shelby Center


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