Civil Engineering Faculty

Andrzej Nowak
Department Chair
Andrzej S. Nowak

Since its beginning, the Department of Civil Engineering has attracted exceptional faculty to teach our students and advance the discipline. That great tradition continues today as is evidenced by our ever increasing list of faculty research projects, publications and inventions, membership in professional organizations and in peer recognition.

Our faculty are supported by a dedicated and hardworking staff committed to making your educational experience or professional interaction smooth and efficient.

J. Brian Anderson

J. Brian Anderson - Associate Professor (Geotechnical)

  (334) 844-7373

  211 Ramsay Hall


Mark Barnett

Mark Barnett - Professor (Environmental)

  (334) 844-6291

  203 Harbert Center


James Davidson

James Davidson - Gottlieb Endowed Professor (Structural)

  (334) 844-8777

  226 Harbert Center


Joel Hayworth

Joel Hayworth - Associate Professor (Environmental)

  (334) 844-7374

  213C Ramsay Hall


Mary Hughes

Mary Hughes - Lecturer

  (334) 844-6261

  308B Ramsay Hall

Clifford Lange

Clifford Lange - Associate Professor (Environmental)

  (334) 844-6275

  206 Harbert Center


Justin Marshall

Justin Marshall - Associate Professor (Structural)

  (334) 844-7145

  213A Ramsay Hall


Frances O'Donnell

Frances O'Donnell - Assistant Professor (Hydraulics/Hydrology)

  (334) 844-7168

  209 Harbert Center


David Roueche

David Roueche - Assistant Professor (Structural)

  (334) 844-6256

  234 Harbert Center


Wind Engineering Timber Design Tornadoes Hurricanes Risk Assessment Performance-based Design Natural Hazard Resilience Post-disaster Damage Assessments

Jorge Rueda-Benavides

Jorge Rueda-Benavides - Assistant Professor (Construction)

  (334) 844-3725

  232 Harbert Center


J. Michael Stallings

J. Michael Stallings - Professor (Structural)

  (334) 844-6276

  306A Ramsay Hall


J. Brian Anderson

J. Brian Anderson - Associate Professor (Geotechnical)

  (334) 844-7373

  211 Ramsay Hall


David Timm

David Timm - Brasfield & Gorrie Professor (Pavements and Materials)

  (334) 844-6282

  201 Harbert Center


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