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Employer Spotlights and Career Topics

The Office of Career Development and Corporate Relations facilitates virtual conversations highlighting employer partners, Engineering alumni, and faculty or staff on a variety of career topics. If you missed the live  discussion, you can watch the recording at the links below.


You'll learn insider insights from engineers and recruiters that help you explore unique employers and position yourself as a strong applicant. Click on the date for the recording.

June 18, 2020  I  MITRE Corporation

June 3, 2020  I  United States Navy 

May 20, 2020  I  Messer Construction  

May 19, 2020  I  Brad Cole Construction 

May 18, 2020  I  Hexagon PPM - Software Design Solutions 

May 13, 2020  I  Southern Company 

May 5, 2020  I  Huntsville: A Smart Place 
Learn about all there is to love in the Huntsville, AL area and employers hiring during summer 2020. Companies include Aleta Technologies, CFD Research, FBI, Future Designs Inc., Hexagon PPM, Iron Mountain Solutions, ITAC Solutions, Leonardo, LSINC Corporation, MartinFederal, MTS, Nou-Systems, PeopleTec, PPT Solutions, Sirius, Techni-Core.


June 18, 2020  I  Job Searching in a Challenging Market with Engineering Young Alumni

April 18, 2020  I  Friday Features: The Search - Quality Over Quantity

April 10, 2020  I  Friday Features: Practicing Your [Virtual] Handshake - Apply with Confidence

April 7, 2020  I  Friday Features: Communication Connections - Effective Ways to Engage in the Industry


October 2, 2019  I  Part I: Navigating Work Authorization.  Please note this information is current as of that date. Please consult the Office of International Student and Scholar Services as procedures change frequently.

January 29, 2020  I  Part II: Tools and Strategies


May 8, 2020  I  Auburn Engineering Graduate School Overview
A virtual conversation about pursuing graduate programs in the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering, presented by Dr. Jeff Fergus, Associate Dean for Program Assessment and Graduate Studies. Topics include the application process, programs available, and opportunities and resources for the graduate experience.