Quarter-Scale Tractor16 quarter scale

Each year, the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers(ASABE), in conjunction with the nation's largest heavy equipment manufacturers, sponsors a design competition to create a 1/4 scale tractor. Teams of students spend the entire academic year designing and then constructing the tractor. In early June, the teams meet in Moline, IL at the John Deere world headquarters to have their tractors judged for quality of the design and construction and how well it might satisfy a specific market need. Finally, the tractors square off in a head-to-head pulling contest.

In the pits at Moline. The teams are given a 16-HP, twin cylinder engine and a set of tires. They must design and build the rest of the tractor.

Lawn Mower Clinic

Annual fundraiser for ASABE Student Branch. Students and faculty work together in this community service project. Mowers are serviced by replacing oil, checking spark plugs, sharpening blades, and basic tune-up for spring-summer use.

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