Undergraduate Student Testimonials

Kelly Goneke-2018
ASABE involvement has allowed me to meet new people, expand my  leadership skills, and grow professionally. I have been a member of  ASABE four years at Auburn University and have served as an ASABE  officer for the last 2 years.
Like Auburn, ASABE Auburn Student Branch has a family atmosphere.  It’s fun getting involved in the department, and allowing you to get to  know the Biosystems department on a more personal level, both the faculty and students. Being involved also had tremendous benefits for me. It has allowed me to attend regional rally at the University of Arkansas and the International ASABE conference in Spokane Washington. At the International conference, I was chosen as the recipient for a scholarship and also received the 2017 Student Honor Award.  
Most meetings for the past two years have been alumni speakers, giving you the chance to interact with industry professionals. It allows you to get an understanding of what working as an engineer in the real world is like. We have heard many point of views, ones that own their own business, changed careers, and so on. This allowed me to grow professionally because it was in a relaxed setting, and you were able to ask questions about interview preferences, resumes or other professional aspects that you may not be confident completing.
I’m sad that this is my last year in ASABE Auburn Student Branch. It has been so much fun, and I have so many memories to look back on. Like Auburn says join the family, you won’t regret it. 

Hallie Nelson-2018
Looking for a combination of sustainability and engineering, I found the biosystems engineering major. I found the department and all of the professors to be extremely welcoming and genuinely interested in each student’s interests. Without the support of the professors in the department, my college experience would not have been the same. During my four years in the department, the professors celebrated my passion for combining my engineering curriculum with sustainability and food security work outside of class.
The senior design experience in biosystems engineering has been my favorite part of the whole curriculum. Though the projects can seem overwhelming or intimidating, the chance to do the work of a professional engineer as a student is invaluable. The project brings together all of the coursework from the past four years into one project. My project involved teaching elementary school students about engineering, in addition to all of the engineering design work. This opportunity to talk to students about the engineering process and hear their creative solutions to stormwater and waste problems was inspiring. I have already had the chance to make a positive difference on others because of what I have learned through the biosystems engineering major through this project. I am excited to continue doing this when I start my career after graduation. Biosystems engineering was the best decision that I could have made for a major because it gave me the ability to use engineering and sustainability to improve the world around me.
Matt Preisser-2018
When I first came for a campus visit to Auburn University, I had never even heard about Biosystems Engineering. I happened to stumble across the website on accident while on campus and decided it might be worth my time to get and meet with the department head at the time, Dr. Taylor. After hearing more about the numerous different paths, I could take with a degree in Biosystems (renewable energy, ecology, water resources, etc.), I was hooked and no other school or program interested me anymore. 
Upon arriving to campus in the fall of 2014, I immediately signed up for minors in German and in Sustainability studies. One thing that I have always appreciated about the faculty and staff of the Biosystems Department is their continual encouragement to seek outside opportunities so that we may have more holistic world views and thus become more effective engineers. The knowledge I have had the opportunity to gain outside of the department through these opportunities has been just as valuable to the classes that I have been able to take within the department. 
Looking back on classes that I have taken in the Biosystems Department, there are a few that stand out amongst the rest. The first being Introduction to Engineering with Dr. Ken Thomas. Dr. Thomas has always supported me to apply myself in and out of the classroom and I have this class to thank for preparing me for the workload of future classes to come. The next class that stands out is Ecological Engineering with Dr. David Blersch. Going through the process of constructing a microcosm for our three crayfish (which we would go on to name) continued to feed off of my interest in aquatic ecosystems and allowed us all to apply what we were learning in his class and in previous classes. Perhaps the most memorable class was Hydraulic Transport with Dr. Fasina. I still remember the fear that most of us had before that first lecture even began, but more importantly we all left that class knowing that we could not have been more prepared for our remaining semesters at Auburn.
Josh Whiting-2018
My academic journey at Auburn has been just about as turbulent as one could imagine.  I began as an overly confident freshman, who did not know the meaning of hard work or humility.   That changed during my first year as reality set in. I experienced sickness and failure at every turn, as I bounced from one major to another until I could no longer continue.  Taking time off from my studies to clear my mind, I planned to hike across Northern Germany, however, I fell ill less than 200 miles outside of Berlin and had to abandon my quest.  During my recovery I reassessed my views on life and prioritized my long and short term goals making them much more attainable.  I, then, opted to modify my travels by busing to numerous religious pilgrimage sites.   As time to register for the upcoming Spring semester arrived, I found myself in the home of four priests in Turin, Italy.  I had no idea what I was going to do when I stumbled across a major that sounded like a combination of my two areas of interest (biology and engineering).  In that Italian rectory library, I entered what would be the single most affable and befitting environment I have ever encountered in academia at Auburn, namely the Biosystems Engineering Department. 
My passion for helping people has really been fostered in this environment where we are encouraged to interact with our cohort whereas in other majors I was encouraged only to compete, to be the best at whatever cost only looking out for number one.  Being able to reconnect with my belief “in the human touch” has been crucial to my success not only in this program but in every aspect of my life. 
The faculty and staff have always been available, to me, with open doors and open minds, school related or otherwise.  They have definitely imparted on me the Creed’s meaning of “I believe in work, hard work.”  I am and will always be in their debt. 
The Biosystems department has truly become a home for me.  My instructors have become mentors, and my colleagues have become some of my closest friends.  My only regret is that I did not find my home sooner.

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