Biosystems Engineering

Biosystems Engineers ensure that we have the necessities of life: healthy food to eat, clean water to lab picturedrink, renewable fuel and energy sources, and a healthy environment in which to live. Therefore, the mission of the Department of Biosystems Engineering at Auburn University is to develop and disseminate engineering knowledge to solve problems in biological systems, natural resources and the environment. It meets the resident instruction portion of that mission through the offering of a degree program which leads to a Bachelor of Biosystems Engineering. Options in Bioprocess Engineering, Ecological Engineering and Forest Engineering are also available under the Biosystems Engineering degree program. More information about each of the four degree pathways can be found from the BSEN Curriculum and Options page.

The Biosystems Engineering program is coordinated by the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering, the undergraduatesCollege of Agriculture, and the School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences. Students should apply for admission to the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering and complete the Pre-Biosystems Engineering program.

The Biosystems Engineering degree program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, and is the only accredited Biosystems Engineering in Alabama.

The Department of Biosystems Engineering also offers a non-engineering degree – Biological and Agricultural Technology Management (BATM) through the College of Agriculture. More information about the BATM program can be found here

Questions about the Auburn University Biosystems Engineering undergraduate program can be directed to our academic advisor, Genta Stanfield.

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