The Department of Biosystems Engineering now has a legacy spanning over 100 years. We are proud to celebrate the history and contribution of our department toward elevating the standard of rural living and economic development of the region. A few of the historic contributions our department has made include cotton harvesting equipment, farm terracing and soil tillage, precision agriculture, water for agriculture, poultry housing and environment, forest engineering, ecological and environmental engineering, biofuels and bioprocessing development, and rural electrification.

In the early 20th century, the department was pivotal in the development of rural electrification in the 2019 Seniorscountry. The department developed a rural electrification cooperative agreement with Alabama Power which lasted for more than 50 years. In recognition of the department’s contribution to rural electrification, our professional organization, ASABE, has designated our department as a historic landmark. A plaque to commemorate this contribution was dedicated to the department during our Centennial Celebration.

In conjunction with the Centennial Celebration, we are seeking support from alumni and friends to donate towards a Centennial Scholarship for Biosystems Engineering undergraduate students. We will prefer the scholarship to be endowed by December of 2019. Endowments provide permanent, scholarchipself-sustaining source of funding for the scholarship because they grow and provide funding for their designated purpose (in this case scholarship) in perpetuity, thus creating stability, flexibility, and opportunity for years to come. However, endowments are created with a minimum philanthropic investment of $25,000. To donate, please click on the Scholarship logo. 

I hope you will participate in cementing the legacy and investing in the future of biosystems (and agricultural) engineering in Alabama and the rest of the world. If you have any questions about the Centennial Scholarship and/or the Centennial book, please contact Oladiran Fasina (Department Head) – fasinoo@auburn.edu.

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Last Updated: 4/17/19 9:41 AM