Biosystems engineers ensure that we have the necessities of life: safe and plentiful food to eat, pure water to drink, clean fuel and energy sources, and a safe, healthy environment in which to live. Biosystems Engineers at Auburn apply engineering to problems and opportunities presented by living things and the natural environment. The Auburn Biosystems Engineering degree is an ABET-accredited program.



There are approximately 204 undergraduate students and 30 graduate students in Biosystems Engineering at Auburn. Their well-rounded engineering experiences received here at Auburn enable them to function exceptionally well on the multidisciplinary teams in today's workforce. They receive personal attention from our 15 faculty members. Our faculty has a diverse set of expertise that includes impressive research, outreach, and industry experiences.

Programs in Auburn University's Biosystems Engineering Department are centered around five major focus areas:

  • Bioenergy and Bioproducts Engineering
  • Ecological Engineering
  • Production and Process Engineering
  • Automation & Off-Highway Vehicles
  • Food and Biological Engineering

Since its origins in 1919, Auburn's Biosystems Engineering Department has been providing engineering solutions to improve our quality of life. With continued growth in faculty and students, we will continue to serve Alabama's beyond the 21st century.

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