Aerospace Engineering Open House

The Open House will be held on Friday, November 1, 2019 from 2:00 PM – 4:00PM.

Parking will be located on the 2nd and 3rd levels of the South College Street Deck. This parking deck is located next to the The Hotel at Auburn University. From there you will walk to Davis Hall. Click here for Directions.

Open House 2019
Location Event
Davis 106

Lt. Col. William W. Petit Aerospace Research Laboratory

Applied Fluids Research Group – Dr. Vrishank Raghav

Multifunctional Materials Laboratory – Dr. Asha-Dee Celestine

Davis 107 Aerospace 3D Printing Laboratory – Dr. Eldon Triggs
Davis 109 Mechanics of Materials Laboratory – Dr. Vinamra Agrawal
Davis 121 Vortex Dynamics Laboratory – Dr. Anwar Ahmed
Davis 122 Rotorcraft Test Stand – Dr. Vrishank Raghav
Davis 154 Space Technology Application Research Laboratory – Dr. Toshi Hirabayashi
Davis 205 Aero-propulsion related systems modeling, simulation and optimization – Dr. Roy Hartfield
Davis 206 Advanced Propulsion Research Laboratory - Dr. Joseph Majdalani
Davis 217/222

Aerospace Student Projects Laboratory

AIAA – Tristan Macke

AIAA Design, Build & Fly – Cameron Leonard

Auburn University Rocketry Association – Ben Creel

NASA 2020 Big Idea Challenge Team – Ben Williams

Auburn Small Satellite Program

Gavin 256/257

Gavin Engineering Research Laboratories

Polymer Mechanics Research Laboratory – Dr. Russell Mailen 

Vehicle Systems, Dynamics and Design Laboratory – Dr. Imon Chakraborty

Immersive, Interactive, Intelligent Space Dynamics Laboratory – Dr. Davide Guzzetti

BK 0211

Brown-Kopel Student Achievement Center

Graduate Student Poster Presentations

Wind Tunnel Laboratory – Dr. Anwar Ahmed

Advanced Flow Diagnostics Laboratory – Dr. Brian Thurow



Map of the locations for the Open House


Aerospace by the Numbers

495:  Total undergraduate students enrolled in Aerospace Engineering 

5,579: Total undergraduate students enrolled in Engineering

10:  Assistant Professors joining the department since 2015

70: Graduate Enrollment in Aerospace Engineering

8,000 ft2: New laboratory space located in the Brown-Kopel Student Achievement Center

167: Number of Alumni who made a donation to the Aerospace Engineering Department in FY19



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