Students on campus

Auburn University offers a modern aerospace engineering program administered by a faculty with extensive experience in teaching, research and industry. We offer an undergraduate bachelor's degree in aerospace engineering that will prepare students for a career in the core areas of engineering including:

  • aeroacoustics and aerodynamics
  • aerospace structures and materials
  • flight dynamics and control
  • orbital mechanics and astrodynamics
  • aerospace design and vehicle stability
  • rocket propulsion

We also offer two master's degrees (thesis and non-thesis) and a doctorate degree in aerospace engineering for those continuing to the graduate level. Graduate study in aerospace engineering features a meaningful research project in areas such as aerodynamics, astrodynamics, boundary layer theory, control theory, flight dynamics, orbital mechanics, propulsion, structures or structural dynamics under the guidance and supervision of a senior faculty member 

Last Updated: 3/23/18 12:00 PM