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Proposal Preparation and Management

Proposal prep

The Engineering Business Office in partnership with Auburn University Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) offers essential and strategic expertise to support all aspects of sponsored activities including research compliance, proposal development and pre-award services, interdisciplinary and new program development, and guidance on conceptualizing and protection of intellectual property.

The OVPR supports a decentralized processing of proposals. This improves assistance on the business and administrative portions of proposals to allow PI's more time to focus on technical aspects of the document, as well as reduce turnaround time.

Procedures for Engineering Proposal Preparation 

  1. Submit draft proposals to via email. Copy appropriate department heads, center directors and Associate Dean(s) for Research for approval for all PI's and co-PIs. The submission should include:
    1. Budget and budget justification
    2. AU cover form
    3. Statement of work (can be draft or can be project summary)
    4. Announcement/RFP/BAA/solicitation or link to website where information is located
  1. EBO will review the documents and provide feedback to the PI.
  2. PI will send final proposal to EBO office for a final check and submission.
  3. EBO will submit proposal to sponsor upon receipt of the final or will return the approved final proposal to faculty member for submission.
  4. EBO will supply a departmental cover number and send a copy of the final proposal to OSP
  5. OSP will assign AU cover number and upload proposal to Xtender.
  6. EBO will download the final package from Xtender and forward it to PI and departmental staff.