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Application Process

Please contact the program director, Dr. Edward Davis, for full details and assistance in completing the application.


Applications for the Auburn Grand Challenge Scholars Program are open through Dec. 11, 2020.


  1. Basic demographic information
  2. Scholastic status and achievements
  3. A statement of interest in the program that addresses the questions:
    1. Why would you like to become a Grand Challenges Scholar?
  4. Plan for completion of the program. Please contact Dr. Edward Davis for detailed instructions and assistance in completing this portion of the application.
  5. Two letters of recommendation . These should be sent directly to Dr. Edward Davis.

Characteristics of applicants:

  • The primary desired characteristics of GCSP applications is a passion for addressing the Grand Challenges for Engineering.
  • There is a strong commitment to diversity in the GCSP, thus applications are encouraged from all engineering students. In recognition that completing the program requirements is a multiyear process it is recommended that students apply to the program during their freshman or sophomore year. The program will accept qualified candidates from any year as long as an achievable plan for completion of the requirements of the program is identified. It is particularly important that applicants from the junior and senior classes discuss their plans with Dr. Edward Davis to ensure that they can successfully complete the program prior to their expected graduation date.
  • There are no GPA requirements for admission to the program. However, GPA and transcripts may be used when comparing two candidates should spots in the program be limited.